Bowling Alone: Preparing for the Holidays!

ROMANS 14:5-10 “One man considers one day more sacred than another, another considers each day alike…..He who considers one day special does so to the Lord….whyy do you look down on your brother……”

The HOLIDAYS! A time of celebrating, family, feasting and friendships. The happiest time of the year, right?

Unfortunately not! It is a time of excess in both alcohol and drug abuse. A time of depression. A time of exclusiveness. A time of neglect. A time of much selfishness. And, a time to argue…….

” Put the CHRIST back in Christmas”, scream some! Others counter with “nobody knows it’s Jesus’ birthday.” Some are offended with the abbreviation of X-mas (putting the cross in Christmas). Others remind us that Augustine (who might not have been a “real” Christian….not my opinion) forced a pagan holiday on us. Jesus wasn’t born in December anyway……

Ok….for the fanatics who hate on Xmas or who shove it down the throats of others…..niether shows Chistian love and consideration. Be kind, understanding, joyful, helpful, supportive and loving of each other EVERY DAY! GOD niether commnded nor forbade celebration of Christmas. Be nice! I have heard sermons about why we don’t celebrate Christmas in buildings with decorations or when Elders are wearing REINDEER ties.  Celebrate it as you like. Just act like you know God, however you do it!

The holidays are a time of relationship! It should be a time when church buildings open their doors to the cold, the hungry and the homeless. Christmas plays and parties are cool but SERVICE is where the heart is!!!! Unfortunately, most church buildings are CLOSED for the holidays and staff gets so wrapped up doing Christmas that they forget to be Christ!

NOW, if you are single………..go to the parties and shows and find a place to serve. And if you are lonely and brokenhearted, find Christian family to spend time with. We always have room on our couch and will get up for church Christmas morning. I’m sure others will also offer their space and time. JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON….EVERY SEASON!



One response to “Bowling Alone: Preparing for the Holidays!

  1. Being sad or depressed around the holidays is not always linked to just being single. Many of us for reasons known and unknown struggle with this time of year. As the parties gear up, be aware of those not there, or the ones who are there but perhaps not fully participating. Many of us will at times be fully engaged in the activities, but only by force. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Look into someones eyes when you talk to them. Listen with your heart. Then show the love Jesus would. If you know someone who is struggling, heap extra love on them. They need it now more than any other time of the year. It may not take away their sadness or depression, but it will refill their cup of love.

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