Romeo, Romeo (after you find him…how do you get his attention?)

So, ladies….you think you might have found your Romeo! The man is kind, eloquent, sophisticated and handsome (all at Billy Bob’s Bar-B-Que!). Now how do you get his attention? John Gray (of Mars and Venus fame) suggests:

  • attend a party and have a friend introduce you.
  • Go to a place where you have lots of expertise and people ask for your advice. Hope he comes in.
  • If he serves in a local charity, volunteer and work.
  • Become friends with his friends and get the scoop.
  • Hang out with him in a place where mostly men attend (golf course, sports event). Even if doesn’t work out you’ll meet alot of jocks.
  • Make eye contact with him. Smile. Let him know you are interested.
  • hang out where the food is. He’ll be by after awhile. maybe you can serve him some chicken wings….
  • What political party is he? Great, now you are one too!

The bottom line is, you will not meet the love of your life sitting in your house unless he is the UPS man or the exterminator ( I know alot of single bug men….guys what’s the deal?)

  • Better places to meet include the singles dinner, sightseeing trip or conference.
  • Volunteer to serve dinner or make name tags.
  • Hand out the bulletin.
  • Stay out of that “ladies” class. It is a dead end into the spinster world!

And what is the Christian Romeo looking for? Pretty, kind, eloquent, attractive and sensitive…Yes, and more. A woman like Proverbs 31 is a PRIZE!



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