“Romeo, Romeo part two”

Are you still looking for Romeo? Can you describe him? Is Romeo (tall, medium, short)  and handsome with (Nordic, Mediterranean, African)  features of (blonde, brunette, red, black) hair and piercing blue, brown, green) eyes and a (bold, gentle, shy) smile? You know he works as a (lawyer, doctor, fireman) and lives in the (city, country, suburbs). After hours, he’s easy to find at the (bar, gym, community center) where he listens to others as they express their anxieties, because he is a (sensitive, caring, easily amused) man. He dresses in (jeans and a T-shirt, a suit, a turtleneck) and he looks (hot, good, safe).  Romeo cares about himself and (is fit a fiddle, fit as a bass fiddle, reminds you of a cuddly bear) is also the master of (communication, one liners, strong and silent). He loves your passion for (ballet, opera, stock car racin’) and says that you are just the perfect (weight, shape, hair color). Your dress does not make you look fat! In fact it shows that Scottish plaid and pink knee socks are just the rage. He loves your (mother, cat, mothercat, kittens and your mother) and likes to take you to (dinner, shopping, needlepoint practice). Romeo likes all your friends and feels that they are all long lost sisters and should visit more often. Romeo’s mother taught him to (put his socks in the laundry, cook and clean up, understand your hormones). He likes to (cuddle, watch love stories, pet the poodle) and wouldn’t dream of (watching football, having a hunting dog, fishing). He knows that you are always (right, the priority, a joy) and he appreciates your (hair, mumu, flip flops) just the way they are. Oh, and Romeo has ($ + intelligence + a villa in Nice) available for your use at any time. He never hangs out with friends and never (blows his nose like a honking geese, clears his throat, spits). Romeo is almost perfect for you!

I knew a girl years ago in (name the town) who found her Romeo (three times). Tall, muscular outdoor men who worked with their hands and turned over their paycheck. Good men who loved their children and tried to love their wife. All three learned to go to church with her. All were baptized at her church at her request. All eventually left her when she grew bored with them.

“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?”

I don’t know any men who fit the top description, regardless of how you filled in the blanks. I don’t know many men named Romeo. But, I have known some GOOD MEN named Andy and Bob and Cary and Dennis and Ed. Frank and Greg and Hank and Joe and Larry and Mike and Nick and Paul and Steve and Tom and Vince and Wayne. Alot of good men are out there.

Remember the pattern that you want your man to be cut from (men….this is what a woman needs). Your man is a child of God and should act like one! Your man comes from a human family and you might question the pedigree (people questioned Jesus “isn’t HE a carpenter’s son?). He will make good and bad decisions as he is tempted. He needs to be tough at times (Jesus was-Mark 11:12-19) and tender at others (John 11 “Jesus wept”). He needs to triumph over life in the same way that Jesus did! (Luke 23:44-49).

Look at the patterns of men in the spotlight. Tiger and Arnold: Great physical specimens! the Donald and Larry King: wealthy and smart! Be like Mike? Bo? Redford? Sheen?

Ladies, Romeo has only one suitable pattern……Romans 6:23. Find a man like Jesus and you’ll find joy (men, be like Jesus…….)

Men: get ready for “COURAGEOUS- the Movie!”

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2 responses to ““Romeo, Romeo part two”

  1. I have been accused by a member of my family of being picky. If they actually saw who I have dated or tried to date, I do not think they would say that at all.

    I am looking for a man like Christ. When God brings him to me, I know I will feel love, appreciated and safe in his presence.

    • We are often guilty of being picky. Sometimes for the wrong reasons. Men are attracted by what they see first, then the other senses. Yet, the prettiest girl might be the worst choice ( Pretty is as pretty does-my grandmother said ) . Women are attracted to what they hear. This allows them to be vulnerable because sometimes MEN might lie (just a possibility). Jesus looked at the heart. The best marriages I have observed have been between people who might not be pretty or eloquent but obviously have beautiful hearts.

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