“Romeo, Romeo, where forth art thou Romeo?”

I remember the Andy Griffith “record” that my dad and mom had of Andy Griffith telling the story of Romeo and Juliet, country style. Juliet is up on the bacony and recites the famous words of our title. Romeo answered, ” I’m right here! Here! Down here! LOOK DOWN HERE!”. It makes for good comedy but it also emphasizes several of the biggest challenges that singles (which carries over into marriage) face today. Where does a woman find her Romeo? How does a good man get noticed? Where is the romance? Why get married anyway? Where are all the good men/women?  Why be celibate in a sexual world? Can’t somebody love me just for me? What does God suggest?

First of all, Romeo and Juliet did not have a happy ending! The young lovers were so distraught that they killed themselves! Personally, I am happy to not have that much drama in my life.

So…..lets opine on these questions. (your comments needed).

1. Where does a women find her Romeo? Romance is easily found in ….. romance novels and movies. Otherwise, it’s more complicated. We all liked “Sleepless in Seattle”? Look at all that drama just to meet! “Harry met Sally”? Years and years of tedious chaos! Cinderella worked out well…..well. actually, now that little Burt and Beebee are here Cinda is tired and frustrated from child care and cleaning the palace and Prince Charles is staying late at the offfice! Romeo and Romance are hard to find! But, the Song of Solomon (Songs) is a romantic writing. And what I see is mutual admiration and passion. You have to give alot to get a return….

2. Where do you find your Romeo/Juliet? If you are a believer, then the answer should be easy. Church! Only problem is that alot of good singles don’t attend regularly because most churches ignore their needs. Still, go all singles activities (whether you like the event or not), join a Christian Dating Service (www.cacheconnections.com is a good one) that promotes Christian relationships that lead to marriage. Mentoring would be appreciated. Don’t discount the imput of parents and frinds. Remember the story of Isaac and Rebecca?

3. How do I get noticed? Be an exceptional servant! I had a friend who was lonely and wanted to meet a girl. I suggested he go once a week and visit the neglected elderly in a nursing home. He did and befriended several of the older men. Wasn’t long before one of the young ladies at the nursing home noticed how “nice he is”…… Volunteers are always needed at homeless shelters, hospice, habitat for humanity, etc. And people with similar hearts will be there.

4. Where is the romance? The lasting kind is in respect and commitment…..Eph. 5 gives hints….. The explosive kind? Few and far between and often deadly….think Fatal Attraction!

5. Why get married? You don’t have to. You are a complete and honored child of GOD. If you don’t struggle with loneliness and lust of the flesh then you probably don’t need marriage. But, if you do, get married! 1 Corinth 7.

6. Where are all the good men and women? I know lots of them! Here’s the catch. Men are very visual and look for a women as “hot” as Tiger Woods had. Men, you are not Tiger (thank goodness). He was a sorry husband and SHE almost decapitated him with a golf club! You want a mate who will take care of you, be faithful to you and love you! Women are auditory. They believe what they hear. Beware!

7. Why be celibate in a sexual world? Because GOD said so! Incidentally, King Solomon, David and others have challenged this approach. GOD is always right!

8. Who will love me for me? GOD. All others have conditions. But, that’s ok……




One response to ““Romeo, Romeo, where forth art thou Romeo?”

  1. Wow! This blog had a profound impact on my heart to let you know that everything you said is so true. I’m not a “Juliet” but I almost lost my life for taking care of my late spouse. About 45 percent of all spouses who are caretakers of a spouse that have a catastrophic illness dies before the sick spouse dies. Why? Because they believe in love and commitment and would die to make sure they are comfortable; they work tirelessly to make sure their spouse has the best of care with the hopes that he/she will get better; unfortunately, to their own demise. No matter the chaos; the love, respect and passion remains. We so enjoyed laughing at each other when we did stupid stuff, so stupid, ya had to laugh! There was no condemnation for doing stupid stuff. I agree with “Sleepless in Seattle”; it’s not just the drama, (and I hate the drama, too) it’s the games I hate worse! Guys want to know if a woman is interested before they pursue and the ladies want the guys to make the first move so they know the guy is interested…isn’t that like chess (in checkmate, no one wins!). I believe woman should be the “hunted” and men should be “hunters”. Guys need to “man up” to the hunt!!! Yes, church is where the hunted are found! Lots of great single guys just don’t go to church and if they do, they don’t attend the singles activities. They are missing out! There are guys I’ve met, but they tell me that I have a higher standard (YES! My standard IS PRETTY HIGH…“God’s Way!”). If a guy loves God more than me and takes good care of his family and has respect for himself and others; that’s what drives my passion. AND, I believe in Eph 5! Am I doing something wrong here? There are some guys that meet my criteria (love God first, everything else will align if he loves God first), but for some reason, they are as busy as me and we don’t seem to connect. And believe me, I have had a sense of “fatal attraction” a couple of times but again, I’m not the hunter! I’ve been told I keep missing “signals”!(by other woman!!!) What signals? Well, if the guy is playing games and is not forthright in their intentions with me, I cannot compute! I can’t read minds! Guys need to be expressive and precise in their approach – just like a hunter has to be precise in their approach of their target!!! (I relate to hunting, because I like to hunt deer and turkeys and game fish, lol!). I know that the bible speaks about leaving the past in the past; however, when I was younger, the guys were strong at the hunt. Today, the guys are no longer as persistent as the “good ol’ days”. When men came back from Vietnam, they found their wives with other men (and woman!), then when they went back to work they found themselves complimenting woman on how nice the women looked and found themselves in a lawsuit. And now, it’s the woman that are the hunters….guys have gotten lazy!!! In God’s own time…..and if no answer to my prayers, I’m ok because God still loves me. Thanks for listening!

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