Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child…….(the back to school special)

Interesting! The verse states that the child will GROW UP and not stray far from how he/she was taught! But, like the apple that that does far from the tree….it may turn over a time or two or bounce when it falls. So, here goes. Thoughts for all you parents and teachers as we all prepare for school to resume. As always….I will express my opinions and expect you to give me feedback. We are a large, Christian family and some variance in how we do things is expected.

Teachers! GOD Bless You each and everyone!

  • If it wasn’t for a teacher…!
  •  Along time ago, I went to first grade. Dick and Jane and Spot. I learned…don’t write leaf on the wall with a crayon! We went on a field trip to the Coca Cola plant and the jail in Troy, Alabama. Rode a train! I learned….don’t put your head between the bars!
  • 2nd grade: Mrs. Bigger taught me what happens when you hit a kid in the head with a rock….she whacked me with a tree limb!
  • I don’t remember the third grade
  • We integrated in the 4th grade! No warning and no explanation. Just, here they are and don’t fight. Went pretty well if you ask me. Coley Wingard, Jr. will always be special to me (he was 16 and DROVE to 4th grade! We picked him first for football! (I also read 153 books that year- and got glassess! Wonder why….
  • 5th- moved. Had puppy love over a girl named Ronda. Made me nauseaus and I got over it quickly…Picked on alot of girls. Got in a bit of trouble with the teachers.
  • 6th-8th grade- We moved alot of chairs from th auditorium to the gym (couldn’t yet afford bleachers). Sports had become serious.
  • 9th grade- Algebra with Mr. Pennington. I still don’t get it! But, learned enough to get through college….
  • 11th grade- Had my AWESOME Aunt Rose Ellis, for English Comp! Learned to write a TERM PAPER with footnotes. College was easy after that.
  • Left home after the 11th grade and had to make it on my own. Got a job and finished school.
  • Learned much in the US ARMY, St. Petersburg College, South Alabama, and Southern Christian.
  • Thanks to all teachers. Wish I remembered all of you!
  • To the teachers of J&J……Thank you! They are mine and I love ’em and I know you will work hard with them (trust me!)


  • Get your kids ready! send them to school with food in their stomacj and supplies that are needed. Don’t make a teacher buy pencils and paper
  • Make your IEP (Individual Education Paln) meetings. Find out what is going on at school.
  • Get to know your teachers. Expect excellence. Re-inforce discipline but demand a plan.
  • Dress them to succeed!
  • Send them to school everyday unless they have something special that will teach them more than school that day. I took Jameson to NYC and Philly and big sis Sara’s College grad. this spring.

Blessings to all of you!




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