No more excuses. Time to get it gear and work! (an opinion from a working man)

EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES!! 30 Jobs in 30 Days that will all make you $30,000+ a year NO MORE EXCUSES!!

by Matthew Morrow on Monday, July 4, 2011 at 4:59pm

Ok so I am tired of hearing that people “Can’t find any work” or “there aren’t any good paying jobs” or “blah blah blah” which is what I hear people say most of the time. I thought i would write a book and then I thought, nah, I’m too busy for that, so i’m gonna take a few minutes for the next 30 days to tell you how to make $30,000+ per year.

A few guidlines to remember:

1. There are no free rides! There is no golden ticket! Lotteries, Casinos, or the government weren’t made to pay you!

2. The Bible says the man that doesn’t work shouldn’t eat. King solomon said in proverbs to consider the work of the ant, how he is tireless in his labor. and Col 3:23 says “Work as if you are working for the Lord, not just when your masters eyes are on you but ALWAYs do your best”

3. If while reading this you start thinking of all the reasons why you CAN”T, WON”T, or I dont understand your situation just stop reading because You have already decided you want to stay where you are in life. If you say I CAN”T you have already mad eyour choice. You have to choose to Do more, do better, and Live like no one else so that one day you CAN LIVE LIKE NO ONE ELSE.

Idea #1 lawn Service (since this is partially how i make my living and helped put myself through college)

1 motivated individual can easily make $75,000 per year by himself with just one setup. NO? you say….ok I started with a weedeater, push mower, rake, and broom and put them in the back of my 1984 Honda Accord.

Simple math….$40 per yard x 750 = $30,000, 14 yards per week or just 2 yards per day. Could you push mow 2 yards a day? Sure you Could. Now this is this is the easy part. For everything you want you just increase how many yards it will take you to get it. Now to some of you 14 yards a week sounds like a ton, but if you were to the point that you have a commercial mower instead of a push mower, you will be able to do 10-12 per day. That sounds to me like you will cut grass less than 2 days a week. Now you work more you make more, but I average $40k a year cutting grass 2 days a week. Do the math yourself. Any excuses? I graduated from AUM with a business degree that paid me less on average than i was already making cutting grass.

Idea #2 McDonald’s

Now I can’t tell you how many people have told me they “have standards” and would never flip burgers, but you need to Check your pride at the door and get BUSY! Check out and you will see that the average food manager makes on average in montgomery, al $40,000 ($25k-$54k) and in April of 2011 the country had job grow for the first time in months however almost all of it was from one company …you got it McDonald’s. They hired 50,000 employees in one day  “Pride Comes before a fall and God will make humble those who are not.” Don’t get mad at me, I’m just quoting the Bible. If you $15 per hour and work 50 weeks a year, 40 hours a week you make $30k, if you make only $8 guess what you better double up, but it’s very doable!

Idea #3 Cleaning houses or businesses

My friend Liz as well as Justin and Jennifer Copeland who use to clean banks at night have used this idea to their success. Ok once again, very small startup cost. Literally almost none! Some cleaning supplies, Grease Lightning, Clorox or your favorite cleaner, some paper towels and some trash bags is all you need. If you didn’t know already Facebook is FREE!! Thats huge! you can literally use the web to promote your business and never leave your home…or starbucks….i digress…OK so again the numbers keep working the same. you can use these for part time money or make your side job your full time job. Montgomery has around 300k people so how many do you need to make $30k a year? So if you averaged 1 hour per job, you would need to do 12 jobs a week at $50 per job to make $30k ….$30,000/50weeks/12 jobs= $50 per hour…..let’s see that’s 12 hours a week gets me $30,000??? What’s Your Excuse? you don’t want to clean a toliet or take out trash? hmmm….did you notice also I have been using 50 weeks? there are 52 in a year. I’m giving you 12 hours of work a week, plus 2 weeks vacation. what more do you want?

Idea #4 Handyman

With the largest portion of our society growing old all at once the Babyboomers of the 40-60s have pushed, modeled, and changed our country for the last half century and now they are getting old. There is always opportunity!! I don’t know how many side jobs I have done over the years including: cleaning out attics, helping someone move, moving furniture, cleaning, hauling off junk, and fixing little odds and ends. A good Handyman is great to have on speed dial. Some people call them “ToDo Lists” or “Honey’Do Lists” but whatever you call them there is money to be made. Fixing a leak, changing a light, fixing that door that won’t close right, whatever. Things that you and i take for granted their are literally 50 million+ people that are willing to pay for the help. Did I mention that the Babyboomers also storehouse the Lion’s Share of the wealth in this country. Find a way to help your neighbor and it will help you! Get to it!

Idea #5 Use your Talents!

I have lots of people ask, “What should I do cause I don’t want to cut grass or work at McDonald’s just yet?” Well I would say what is your talent? My Mom happens to be one of the most talented people I know. She can desgin and create in all kinds of ways, from flowers to food, to decor, to changing airplane hangers into Italian Villas. All and all she rocks! One of her talents happens to be Calligraphy. This can be used in lots of different ways. She has used it for cake designs, paintings, or just accent pieces. It’s a shame schools are cutting cursive handwriting from our schools, though you can’t read my writing my mothers looks like one of those old fairy tale books with big swooping letters and lots of little lines here and there that make the letters pretty as well as functional. Now let’s put some meat to this talent. How do I use it? Well with lots of things ASK and you SHALL receive! There are lots of people that get married every day and invitations are a great way to show off this talent and make some nice cash. Invitations use to make much more money before all the internet came about. She could easily get $75 for a hand written dinner menu, $$ for place cards, and of course the invitations. Invitations with the outside envelope, inside, and reply card fetched upwards of $5 each. We figured how many she could comfortable and regularly do a few hours at the time maybe 2 hours a night and she would average around $50 per hour. 5 nights a week thats an extra $500 per week. 50wks takes you to the $25k mark, not quite $30k but that’s only 2 hours a night. Just think if you found a few other people with this talent as well and subbed much of your work to them paying them only $2.50. See how fast this can add up. Just imagine if you were the go to person for all things Calligraphy and you had at your call say 5-10 people doing this. How close should they be? Well with next day shiping they can be a state away. Where can you do this? umm..Starbucks? Where would I find them? Start a group on Facebook. So there ya go! $30,000+ per year for just being able to write your ABC’s

Idea #6

Pool Cleaning

Spoke with a man yesterday who was cleaning the pool at a house I was inspecting and got to talking with him. (Side Note NETWORKING IS FREE so do it!) ok moving on. He said not only did he do this year round, but he had 16 guys working for him year round, with a little more than 100 contracts. He said he got $135 per job plus cleaning supplies. Now this doesn’t include installing or any of that stuff it’s just cleaning them. Here’s what you need to get started. A scrub brush, cleaning supplies, business license (again not expensive), and some training which you can pay for. So let’s break the #s down. I love this part! Startup cost is less than $1000 and with less overhead since its just you, you can charge much less than the $135, you could charge say $50 less than half his price. Would you pay less than half for the same product, sure you would. ok so Same numbers as before lets say you got just 10 contracts, 10 houses with pools, does that sound doable? Let’s do 5 on tuesday and 5 on thursday….I wouldn’t want you to over do it. that’s $500 per week that times 50 weeks with 2 weeks off for Christmas is $25k but notice you havent bought any pool supplies which you can mark up 5,10, 15, 20%. 2 Days a week too hard or are you still scared of commission?

Idea #7


I know this is supposed to be about making money and some of you will not understand this. Some of you will think I am just being overly spiritual, but I am not. There is a constant God has set up in this universe. Some call it you reap what you sow, some say ying and yang, you get what you deserve. In all cultures around the world people understand that this is just how the natural world is set up. There are equal and opposite reactions to whatever you do. A farmer wouldnt plant a bean seed and expect to get an apple tree, right? So if you sow good things you should receive good things. I can not explain the LIMITLESS POTEINTIAL that giving has! if giving is the last thing on your budget you need to flip your budget upside down. If you dont have a budget we need to talk, lol. Look at your checkbook and see what’s most important to you. If all you care about is stuff, you will never be wealthy no matter how much money you have. If you start to give till it hurts you will unlock all of your poteintial! When I started tithing my income tripled the following year. Zig Ziglar always said, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want” Help others and see your income skyrocket. Even non christians give. It’s the right thing to do and you get a tax break while helping others. If you can’t open your hand to give, God can’t bless you with more cause your hand isn’t open to receive.

Idea #8 Minorities and Women

If you are a Miniority race, woman, or married to a woman and owna  business there are HUGE federally funded programs to help you start a business. I’m talking GRANTS. A grant is money given to you….let me say that again…A Grant is money GIVEN to you. Meaning you write a business plan and sumbit the plan and they award you money to start your business. This can be into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are a woman or miniority and think you can’t make it, my mom and grandmother have owned their own business for 38 years. You can do anything you set your heart to!

Idea #9 Learn a trade

Everyone wants to be the CEO but no one wants to start in the mail room. Let me let you in on a little secret, most people don’t get to be CEO, unless you own your own business. (plug plug) One of the best ways to make a good living is to learn a trade or craft. The think about knowledge and education is once you have it, it can’t be taken away. And as God layers your life you will find that opportunity often opens itself to things that weren’t part of your plan. i say go through the door and learn from the experience all you can and move on to what’s next. Electricians like my friend Pete Johnston at Eastmont Electric or plumbers like Mr. Nolan make a good living because they learned a trade. Honestly neither job is super hard, but they can be dirty jobs. Guess what DIRT PAYS WELL! And once you have master that skill it will make you better. Just think about how God has set up nature. The most opportunistic animals are the ones that can adapt to any situation and thrive. Specialize too much in only one area and you make yourself an endangered species.

Idea #10 Painting mailboxes and street numbers

Ok i know what your thinking but by now if you are still reading and shaking your head thinking”I don’t want to do that!” GET OVER YOURSELF! Obviously if you’re broke what you have been doing isn’t working. At least try something new and you can always go back to being broke. Ok so about once a year I get a piece of paper taped to my mail box saying” did you know 80% of street numbers can’t be read” ok so they probably made that up, but the point is for $15-35 they will paint your mailbox and street numbers. That’s really not bad if you thought about going to the store and buying the paint. Just think of how many houses there are! It would take a very small percentage to make a good living doing this or just as a side gig. OK so let’s talk numbers cause some of you don’t get this part about marketing. When I would solicit business as a lawn service I would put out 250 door hangers at a time. It would take me allllllll day, sometimes 3 days. And out of 250 I would get 1 yard to cut. When I was a financial adviisor we would do mailings and mail 10,000 at a time to specific groups of people and get maybe 1 appointment. Again if you are wanting to just sit on your couch and make milliions in isn’t going to happen! Get BUSY!

Idea #11 Concession Stand

My uncle has been wanting to get into this for a while. This can take many forms, but those who do it well treat it as a business. This might include everything from selling icecream, hamburgers, elephant ears, funnel cakes, or deep fried twinkies. Actually you can deep fry just about anything. Anyway there are many trade shows, construction sites, community events, fairs, etc.. that allow venders to come in and set up shop. Now this doesn’t have to be a 20′ decked out trailer or a lemonade stand shaped like a lemon. Many of the venders work out of tents that are easy to stepup. You can by a shade tent, fan, chair, table, and fryer at walmart for little to nothing. My friend Shannon does this with her mom and dad around 6 months out of the year and they can average as much as $2000 per day. The days are long, sweaty, but after 6 months you just travel or whatever you like 🙂 If it were easy everyone would do it, but this is a great way to earn some weekend cash!

Idea #12 Adult Daycare or Sitting Service

All of us know family members and friends that over the years get to where they can’t function on their own. There are many people that will pay for someone to be at home with their family member, sometimes live with them. Normally the Pay is high the more you know, such as if you have a nurshing background. This isn’t necessary though. Some people just need you there till they get off work. Helping the people with daily activities, preparing meals, and some light cleaning is normally part of the process. You really need to have a heart for people on this one, but you can make a good living at the same time. With MILLIONS of babyboomers there are tons of opportunity to serve in this area.

Idea #13 Computer Tech

Here’s a quick plug for my cousin Chris Hart. He helps run the TECh department for the ABC Board of Alabama and has worked as a subcontractor for the Airforce and been all over the world. Long storyshort he can take apart a computer and put it back together. Upgrade to new hardware and software. Now what is a tech guy worth if your stuff is going to be lost forever on some silicon board. A LOT! Thankfully his prices are reasonable as are many tech guys. Almost every company needs tech guys in this day and age. Get certifited, take a class, learn something and you too can charge $50+ per hour.

Idea #14 Typing

Can you type? 20 words a minute? 30?40? 50? Well good news! Did you know you can get paid and paid well if you can type. 1st of all most companies like I mentioned in the last entry need tech guys, but a large portion of those jobs are actually Data Entry. Someone has to type in all this information we read online right? Companies like Alfa Insurance use these people to plug in all your policy information into the PC. This also leads into Medical Transcriptionist. Now this one is a tad harder cause you have to know a lot of big medical words, but you can take a few classes and get this down. Ever go to a big hospital and see the Dr’s speaking into their digital tape recorders? Well its faster for them to simpy speak all the things about the patient. They then send that to someone to transcribe it to a digital copy to insert into your file. Your welcome! 🙂


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  1. GREAT!!!!! I can add many ideas….recycling: Aluminum is >50 cents a lb. Many homeless support their lifestyle this way. Running errands and cooking meals for the elderly. Housesitting. I am tired of individuals and churches making excuses why they CAN’T! Sound like the 10 spies and the grasshopper analogy!

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