“Good times, Bad times, you know I’ve had my share!”

Just finished watch the president brief us on the budget crisis. I sure hope somebody has a working answer! It’s not unusual for us as a country, community, church or family to have problems. But, it sure seems like a cumulative lot at this time. We all know friends or family who are looking for work, changing jobs or having to move. We have friends who have lost their house through a fire and know others who struggle to make the mortgage. Our work is so much more careful due to medicare cutbacks. All of us pay more for insurance, which does less for us. Schools budgets are cut and teachers fear unemployment. Churches struggle with budgets as giving has decreased with the bad economy. Our population is aging and decisions must be made to be closer to our elderly loved ones. Mass chaos continues in shooting sprees, suicides, drug and alcohol abuse…..Watching the local or national news is disheartening! “Woe is me” seems to be message that sells commercial space on TV!

Yet, most people drive a car, watch cable TV and have cell phones. All good things but much luxury. Many Americans could lose a few pounds (about 40 for me) which says that we are neither fasting with our prayers nor starving. Billions of dollars will change hands as we entertain ourselves at sporting events. The average concert ticket is over $50 bucks.

Seems that in the community arena, we need to use some common sense! If we can’t afford our schools, stop building boat ramp?. If we can’t afford to buy groceries, why do cigarette and alcohol sales continue? If you can’t pay your rent, you don’t need a smart phone!

Confused about how to deal with changing times? Commit yourselves to God and be a follower of Jeus Christ! Paul addressed hard times in 1 Corinthians 7. Basically, do what is right and let the extra go. Enjoy your marriages, your children, your family and loved ones. Want to get married but can’t afford a big wedding? The court house was good enough for many who stayed married for life. Want a dream vacation? Explore your back yard. Catch a fish! Throw a ball with the kids (or a frisbee). Play with the cat or dog! Read a book! Bake a cake and take 1/2 to the neighbors.

Can’t afford the expensive ministries at church. You can sing for free! We don’t need DVD’s to watch. We can always read the Bible! Have a potluck regularly as a hospitality meal. Make a card! Make a phone call! Touch a hand!

We don’t have it bad in America! Read the book of Lamentations! That was a BAD situation! We are just having to prioritize!


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