Don’t forget the Bread!

How many of you has ever went to the store for a loaf of bread? Ok, all of us. How many of you have gotten so wrapped up “shopping” that you filled up the basket with groceries and FORGOT THE BREAD? Yes, me too! I get so busy with the little things in life that I forget the reason for my trip.

If I were to work with a struggling church to help them grow, I would remind them to not forget the BREAD. The BASICS…the REASON…the PURPOSE.

So….what is the purpose? Paul said “the most important thing is this. Jesus Christ died, was buried and was resurrected”. For you and me! For our sins! BREAD indeed!

Want to build a church (or help one grow)?

You could buy a self help book. A church growth book by “experts” (the SUPER Saints) who know more than we do!  Hire another credentialed “preacher” from preacher academy. Buy a canned program like alot of churches do for VBS these days. Have a GOSPEL meeting for our members…….

It’s time to OPEN OUR BIBLES! The best church growth program ever is recorded in ACTS chapters 1 & 2.

  • Be where you are supposed to be
  • Iron out the daily business/organize
  • When GOD arrives, be amazed
  • Let GOD draw the crowd and don’t discriminate when he sends different folks than you would choose
  • Ignore the critics! They don’t want it anyway!
  • Tell the good news!
  • Accept that others believe it.
  • Hear their confession of faith and accept their change of heart
  • Assist with their need to be baptized
  • Study the word daily
  • Spend alot of time together
  • Never forget what Jesus has done for you!
  • Let GOD grant the increase


Unfortunately, most churches have gotten very busy being the church that Jesus is left out! People don’t need another system. They need their saviour!


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