Sweat the Small Stuff!

We are teaching the kids to snorkel this summer. Not swim with a mask in the pool but in the bay and gulf with mask, fins and snorkel. it’s alot of fun…and work. Had to buy swim vests (can’t let em drown), mask and fins, snorkels, a dive flag. So, off we went to Ft. Pickens to see what we could see. It was a -HOT- Saturday afternoon and the water felt wonderful. And away we splashed…two feet deep and a sand bottom. They had a blast! Except when the straps to the mask pulled hair or salt water got in their eyes. Saw several spectacular (TIC) hermit crabs and … a fish! Found a few shells. All in all, a good experience.

I remember when I wouldn’t have enjoyed such a limited water experience. Some of you remember that before Hurricane Andrew I dove or snorkeled everyday. In clear water, In Miami, the Keys, Caymans, Bahamas….Saw Sharks, barracudas, moray eels, turtles, lobster by the dozens….even a whale! I spearfished with the legendary Snyders…dove the wrecks…incredible.

God has a way of softening the heart. He has changed what is important to me.  Time with loved ones. Fellowship with believers. Celebrating the good times and mourning the bad. It is an interesting life!

Here’s what God has taught me through time and space:

* Yes, I paid too much to see the Stones, Springsteen, Journey and too many others. Mick hasn’t yet contacted me and encouraged me to have a great day! Lately, I enjoy the music of friends: Fenton Irie, Ascension Day, Southern Gentlemen, L’Angelus, Holly Shelton! Great music! More importantly, great people.

*It’s better to find shells in two feet of water than to have the adventure of a lifetime alone…or with bad company.

* My faith is in a Saviour, not a system! The systems are discriminatory and impersonal. To quote the Bell system “reach out and touch someone!”

* Churches are still catering to married couples and marriages are ending too often. Something is wrong! Sharing the good news is a one on one effort and should be done without prejudice or hesitation.

* God hasn’t given up on me yet! Therefore, I will not give up on others!

* Some things are right! Some things are wrong! Some things are irrelevent!

Remember to check the upcoming events for retreats, workshops and fellowship opportunity!



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