Crabs in a bucket! Do we work to succeed or hold one another down?

Great things are happening everyday! We live in a free country and are free to choose to worship as we choose. We can travel! We can chill! We can serve others! We get the blessing of “getting” to serve a risen Saviour! It fires me up! Motivates me! Makes me leave my comfort zone! I see the top of the bucket! Sunshine! And if I can just get out I’ll be free! And I start climbing…..up….up….and then SOMEBODY has to grab my leg! See, they are in the bucket too and will hang onto you until you die. One crab can climb out of almost any bucket. 10 crabs will hold one another down. How? One crab will complain that they don’t like the event that is planned for the group (it doesn’t matter if it’s singles, couples, families….whatever) and one crab will complain! It’s not what I like…I’m not comfortable with it…Or they will paly the SUPERbeliever card! It’s not what a good believer would do….Bluegrass concert (worldly)….Blue Angels on the beach (fear of seeing someone immodest)….devotional beware- you may say the wrong thing…. Singing (I don’t like that song…music…rendition). Dinner out? No money….picky eater….

It happens to all of us! A good day at school (ZAP! coulda made a 4.0). A productive day at work (the office complains about the paperwork or your wife/mother/girlfriend/children complain that you don’t don’t do enough around the house). A stranger smiles and brightens your day (Boom! Someone provides false motives).

REMEMBER!  GOD is smiling down on you everyday! HE loves you! Your family and friends may be like crabs and drag you down. Others will compete with you and try to get out of the bucket at your expense. There is no shortage of crabs. Get out of that bucket NOW or you never will.

Does the Bible have advice on dealing with crabs? Try this! Romans 12:1 “offer your body as a living sacrifice”,  Romans 13:8 “let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another”. Tell those grumbly crabs who think they are the SOOPER believers, “Accept him whose faith is weak, without passing judgement on disputable matters” and 14:22 “Whatever you believe about these things, keep between yourself and GOD…” Enough? No? How about “Accept one another as Christ accepted you to bring praise to GOD,” Romans 15:7.

Whatver your belief system is and where you are in your journey, you are not in control of this earth. The only person you can control (to a limited amt.) is yourself. Others can be encouraged or discouraged. Be a person that others are happy to see coming! Build up, praise, bless the day of others. Don’t worry about things you can’t control anyway.

A message for the crabs…………..leg go of my leg! I’m outta here!


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