Women are like spaghetti (#2)

     Men and women are different. No doubt! While men are very compartmentalized and do things in order, women do many things at once (multitask), Often their lives are coiled and embroiled, entangled and complicated. The day might have a distinctive beginning or end. Women make safer choices than men. As little girls they learn to blend in, be sensitive to the feelings of one another, and feel punished if excluded. Girls like groups and include everyone in activities. It has been said that women are “circle” people. Women resolve most of life’s day to day issues in the house.

     Like spaghetti, women must be tended to. Too long in hot water= too mushy and not long enough= stiff. In otherwords, women don’t want to be rescued,,,but don’t want to drown either!


     They want a guy to look nice….not reggedy all the time.

     They want to talk, even if it’s not necessary.

     If you ask us what’s wrong and we say nothing…ask again til we tell you.

     If we talk, you should respond.

     Tender words and little gifts are always welcome!

     You can say “i’m sorry” or ” I’m wrong”.

     Women like to feel secure.

     Intimacy includes conversation and cuddling.

     Women want to be a woman, not your girl, your mama, or your maid.

 Women do think and act different. If you single men want to spend more time with women, you must make adjustments!


One response to “Women are like spaghetti (#2)

  1. well said. women should heed this advise and apply accordingly to men. there are some pretty amazing guys out there. just keep praying and working to unload that emotional baggage you have. once your free to love then the possiblities are endless!!

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