Women are Like Spaghetti………..

        If men can be described as waffles….compartmentalized, linear….then women must be like…….spaghetti?????

       Ok, hang with me here. Think about a plate of spaghetti….(ok, now you are hungry)….I mean the visual element. Where does the spaghetti start? End? Difficult to tell! It is intertwined, complex. One strand laying on another. Men like to do one thing at time. MOST women MULTITASK! Phone calls and work projects, childcare and personal life, relationships with mom and cousin Billy….Terms to describe a women’s day….wear many hats….out of the frying pan, into the fire….like spagetti! No neat compartments. (MOST) Women adapt to change better than (MOST) men. Relationships are more complex. And women are better at managing the details. They remember dates and appointments. They have favorite songs that remind them of special moments. The Way We Were….Pieces of April…Women like all the aspects of the moment. Women are interested in what they hear and feel. I remember how my mom would grieve or celebrate when her soap opera favorites had milestones in their lives. Women listen to the words of a song.

        Ok, guys! The girls are more complicated and complex than we are. But, aren’t they worth the effort to understand?


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