The Believers Were Together and Shared……

     Wow! What a week for many! Tornadoes have affected many of you through friends and families suffering. Obviously, a tornado can SUDDENLY take away a home, a car or a LIFE! We do mourn for those that are mourning. Yet, it is also a wakeup call for the rest of us! It is time to share! The beautiful thing about disaster recovery is that it mobilizes good people to do the will of GOD! I’ll never forget the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew. The entire south part of Dade County was destroyed. I became homeless as did most of my friends, had to change jobs, stand in line for water…..No electricity for over a month…In the midst of this disaster, I remembered Jesus. The Sunset Church of Christ was serving the community and I was impressed. With time, I came back to Jesus. Similar opportunities are now available in Northern Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. A chance to share. Acts 2:44-45 talks how the early church shared what they had. We should too. Towels, sheets, work clothes (on hangers or folded), some dishes, kitchen appliances, bug spray, antibiotic cream…..the list goes on and on. Friend the Church of Christ Disaster Relief…they’ll tell you what to do. Pray, donate to your local church relief, and work if you can. Remember the story of Job? His children were killed when a mighty wind collapsed their house. The story didn’t end with tragedy. Niether will the story of Tornadoes 2011.


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