Single Men are like Waffles #2

          I had alot (ALOT! MANY!) of readers  this week so felt that we should continue on the Men are like Waffles topic (thoughts are mine and respond to the book by Bill and Pam Farril)

     So, a dating couple are having a phone conversation Tuesday afternoon after work (for our purposes we will call them Jane and Joe). 

Jane: I had some kind of a day. It was bad from the start. It got worse after lunch and ended on a sour note!

Joe: Yeah!

Jane: I hate this customer relations position. People can be so difficult! So rude! So obnoxious!

Joe: yeah!

Jane: I mean, really, is it my fault your little GI JOE tore up his birthday present as soon as he got it? Really? It’s just not my fault!

Joe: Yeah!

Jane: So, one of these days I’m going to blow a fuse and just tell ’em what I think! Sure am! Just let “em know!

Joe: Yeah!

Jane: I’m a nice girl. I went to college. I’m attractive. I’m caring. I deserve better….What do you think?

Joe: I’m hungry….

     You have just read a common example of a male/female conversation. And, believe it or not, Joe was listening and being honest. He accepted everything she said, did not argue or correct, patronize or interupt….and yet….he is in big trouble!

     He is hungry! So….how could he have communicated better?

A.    Jane, I hear you and after the day you’ve had, you deserve a night out!

B.    Jane, why don’t you come by and I’ll order us a pizza and we can talk about it.

C.    Jane, I care about what you are saying and know it’s a hard job for you….

Remember, men like to compartmentalize. We like solutions. And, we don’t mean to be insensitive but it’s hard to listen when we are dustracted. Tell the men you care about that you wantr them to listen but don’t expect them to “fix” everything.


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