Men are like WAFFLES….understanding a man….

     Want to know what makes a man tick?   Ok, I’ll tell you! Use it carefully and do not manipulate these poor creatures….Men, pay attention. The adversary nows knows your weaknesses…….

     Men are like waffles….not wishy, washy but VERY compartmentalized.  Men like to divide life into boxes and process life through these boxes.  (Most) men want to deal with one issue at a time and when the issue is resolved, they are willing to move on to box two. If (said) man is in box no. 1 (work) and someone calls with a problem from box no. 2 (roomate?), the man will not be comfortable or happy. After all, when a man is at work, he is at work. Work is important. It is an identity. It defines men. Ask (most) men to tell you about themselves and they will tell you where they work….”I’m a salesman….I’m a trucker…I’m a Doctor….Another way to describe how (most) men think is by the term linier (sp?). A line…like a ruler….1….2….3….4…..things should be done in order! Thus at the end of the ruler is “completion”….”success”….the bottom line….Don’t believe me? Take it from this married guy..(trust me-it happens every day)….

My wife calls (almost) every day. She asks, “what are you doing?”

I answer, “work”.

She says, “I know that but what are you you DOING?”

I answer, “work”.

“What time will you be home?” she asks.

“When I am finished with work.” I answer.

     Now this seems “silly” to women. After all, women multitask….. Trust me! (Most) men don’t want to multitask. When I watch a ballgame, I concentrate on the game. I don’t want to have a conversation! When doing yardwork, I divide it into manageable increments and conquer it one box at a time.

     Men ask questions like….is there a point to this conversation? ….what exactly do you want to do (or want me to do)?….If you tell us about your bad day, we will try to “fix” it……

     Men will always look for success in a relationship. They must “win” the conversation, “win” the girls heart, “score points” in the relationship. It’s truly NOT enough to have a conversation if a positive outcome cannot be achieved.

     Conclusion: (most) men feel better about themselves when they can solve a problem…………………


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