You Shall Not Have Other Gods Before Me!

Exodus 20:3……

     What do you allow to interfere with your relationship with GOD?

     Is marriage, romance, family, singleness, success, job or life in general interfering with your Christianity? Not only does not not want you to worship others but not other things! Many treat marriage as an idol. Another GOD to serve, feed and nurture!. Sometimes we put our children on the same pedestal. And work? Yes, I’m guilty! I can hide in my work!

     GOD wants us to have healthy relationships! We need friends and family who love us in a way that allows us to love back…and to love GOD more! After all, he created man and woman. He gave us marriage. He gave us family. Community. Church.

     Just listened to a book on CD. “Have a little faith” by Russ Albom. It discusses his relationship with his Rabbi as he prepares to write his eulogy. He meets with him for 10 years, gets to know and love him. What does he find? That the only thing the man cherishes are relationships….GOD, wife, family, church community, neighbors….During this 10 years Russ gets involved with an inner city ministry that feeds the hungry and houses the homeless….in their building that has a leaky roof and no heat. Run by a minister who is an ex-addict and criminal. And, what does he find? This man cherishes relationships….God, wife, family, church community, neighbors…..

     See, GOD must come first…always!

     then the other follows!


One response to “You Shall Not Have Other Gods Before Me!

  1. Its real easy to put everybody and everything before God, yet if God is not first how will you help everybody in anything?

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