Preach the Gospel Everyday. If neccessary, use words

     “Feed my sheep”…..Jesus words to Peter……………..

     Great things are happening! We went to a concert last night at St. Paul’s Catholic Church to hear our DEAR and TALENTED friends, the Rees Family Band, L’ANGELUS. Wonderful young adults livng out their faith and culture through Cajun music. The impressive thing is that these four young adults are waiting on God to provide a mate and family, believe in LIFE, modesty and good behavior. They have their 4th CD out and are making it in Nashville! Best wishes.

     ASCENSION DAY will play the First City Church in Pensacola next Friday. Many of your remember the group as our special guests at LAUNCH 2010 at Disney. Their first commercial album is now out. I hope you will come out next Friday as they proclaim their faith through Christian Rock!

     Then Saturday we will make the Pilgrimmage to the Calico Fort in Ft. Deposit, Alabama to see many friends and family. SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN BLUEGRASS will perform. J.D. Loftin is the frequent songleader at the Ft. D. Church of Christ and has proclaimed Jesus nationwide through his music. Salute!

      St. Francis of Assissi stated that we should “proclaim the gospel at all times. If neccessary, use words”. It is far beyond the time of arguing and fighting over Jesus. It’s time to put our faith into action….encouraging, nurturing and loving others. I love to be “right” and win and argument! However, humility and understanding will save the relationship.


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