21 days of Prayer!

     It takes 21 days to form a habit! So, here’s the plan. Starting today (your today, not mine) you have and opportunity to refocus your prayer and study life.

     I have a few suggestions:

  1. Read the Bible for 30 minutes each morning (get up early). If you have it on CD play it to go over it again! Make notes!
  2. Prayer each morning whwn you start and when you call it a day. Be specific. Meditate on a verse.
  3. Fast. A modified fast can be done if you are working. Substitute V-8 or a veggie for a meal. Or, skip a meal and give the money saved to charity.
  4. Spend time with GOD. Have a relationship.
  5. Worship with your mind, body and spirit. GOD doesn’t want our tired, uninspired assemblies. He wants our hearts (read Isaiah Chapter 1.


Get excited about what Jesus has done for you!


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