Get out of the kitchen!

     A Christmas Parable! Christmas day there will be 4 kinds of people at your house! There will be the Marthas. The busy, worker bees slaving over the food and worrying about why nobody is helping her prepare the feast she planned. There will be those like Mary. Just in love and content. Lazarus, hanging out on the couch, happy to be alive! And a token Pharisee ….just there to complain and nit pick.

     THANK GOODNESS for Martha! You cook and clean and serve. Remember to find joy in the holiday!

     Mary, you know where the foot of Jesus is! You are where you need to be! Share it with the rest of us!

    Lazarus…happy to be there! Eating and drinking and watching football. Enjoy and thank Martha and Mary.

     If you are a whiney Pharisee…..go back home. Don’t rain on the parade of others. You don’t like or celebrate Christmas. Cool. It’s your choice.

LUKE 38-42 tells the story of Martha and Mary…..

And everyone, remember a house has many rooms, suitable for living!


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