Lord! I’m Hungry!

“LORD, I’m hungry!”

       No, not the irreverent use of the term but the realistic term. Seems about 5,ooo men (plus many women and children) had been out to hear Jesus speak. Now, we are not talking about a 20 minute sermon or about the 10 o’clock service where we can finish fast and beat the baptists to the buffet……..we are talking hours and hours out in the country. People were hungry! One or two may have said the title phase…LORD, I’m hungry! Jesus was compassionate and instructed his disciples to feed them. Phillip immediately dismissed this request as being too expensive (impossible) and Andrew offered a small solution based on faith (5 loaves and 2 small fish). Faith conquered hunger! Amazing!

      People come to us every day! Lord, I’m hungry (my marriage is failing), Lord, i’m hungry (my heart is broken), Lord, I’m hungry (my health is gone), Lord, I’m hungry! (my faith is weak)……

     Lord, I’m hungry….and the Lord said, “Make the people sit down.” And once sitting still, they say the power of God!

     Are there lessons here? Yes, faith over substance….solution over complaint…Doing something is better than doing nothing…and …relax, GOD is in control!


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