“Run, Run, Run!”

     Matt. 6:21- “For what you value and treasure the most, that is where your heart will be” Matt. 6:21

     Matt. 6:24- “No man can serve two masters….”

     Isaiah 40:30- ” Even youths grow tired and weary…”

     Early every morning, I start with the paperwork. Then I get in the car and drive across beautiful Perdido Bay (I see -almost-paradise every morning) to go to work. Most mornings I pass by a running woman who seems to have more time than I do. I pass the newspaper vendors on the corners who aren’t in a hurry. Then off I go! I visit the infirmed as a Home Care Nurse (and I love it!- just not the paperwork). I deal with wound care and schizophrenia, depression and hypertension, bipolar disorder and altzheimer’s….More importantly, I share their lives…the pilot who can’t remember where he lives…the grandpa who shoots squirrels from his bedroom window…the marine who can’t get a job….the widow who is glad someone visits…..

      Got in last night after eight. Hugged the kids and sent them to bed and did more paperwork while watching baseball and L&O. My house payment is due and it owns me. So, I keep plugging…

     Run, Run, Run. Lord, I’m looking forward to that rest that you promise………………..


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