Is a gym or music or social gatherings effective evangelism?

     Matthew 28:19: Go to the world, preach the gospel, baptize…..

     Sorry folks! I’m very frustrated! It is easier to buy a couch for a room in a church building than to send $70 a  month  to a minister in a village in Africa so he can have a light bulb to study his BIBLE!  Churches can’t afford to support inner city ministries or prison ministries- but- have enough money to maintain a gym that they don’t use but once or twice a month. Churches either spend alot of money on sound equipment (with or without band) yet don’t encourage members to get together for singing practice so they can participate better! We spend about $100 dollars for maintanence of property for every $1 we spend to actually preach, teach and study. Churches have elaborate “gospel” meetings for members only but can’t afford to host bible school! Money is spent carting kids to amusement parks and tours of of favorite Christian colleges, even when other schools might be nearer and more encouraging or affordable. We (believers have so many cults, sects, split and denominations that the world is confused to watch us run around like fire ants around a honey tree!

     It’s ok to glorify God by using your gifts! In fact, it’s mandatory! So, play basketball or guitar! Write a poem! Sing with Christian radio! Catch a fish! Play paintball! Go to the beach! Socialize! Build relationships! Fellowship! Cry with the grieving (we have many we know). Celebrate victories (just as many).

     But don’t call a party, evangelism! It’s not! Evangelism is showing others what the Bible says about Jesus by study, by example and by caring for the homeless, the sick, the incarcerated, the orphans.

      Evangelism includes preaching and serving!

      Evangelism can happen anywhere…with or without an expensive budget. The preacher without electricity baptized 3 believers this week.

      What say you!


5 responses to “Is a gym or music or social gatherings effective evangelism?

  1. I feel that priorities are not where they should be, for starters. I also think that we should do better at following Jesus’ ministry and leadership that built the church He bled and died for. BTW, His church was built on outreach ministry. Clearly, He and His disciples spent much of their time, money, and resources ministering to the poor. Disciples in that first century sold their possessions and gave the money to help the poor.

    A fellow minister and dear friend of mine said not long ago, “you know Chuck, our brethren do a lot of things we don’t find in the Bible; he wasn’t just referring to what we do on Sundays inside the building, but rather in reference to all the things money and time is spent on, as you so well pointed out in your post. Some congregations spend way too much money on preacher’s salaries, buildings, and costly “non-essentials”, and then, in part, due to a lack of evangelistic outreach we don’t have the membership to sustain the cost of all these expenses; so, we cut off the funds we were sending the brother who is preaching the Gospel in a third world country (look to the New Testament to and examine the ministry you see there to determine what “non-essentials are).

    I could go one, but I don’t think there is enough space on the web! Some congregations/Christians are very mission minded, and have their priorities straight. I wish others would follow their example.

  2. Priorities are certainly messed up in the church no matter what denomination. Money is definitely not used well. I believe that only our federal gov’t surpasses the churches misuse and abuse funds. I agree with the Gymnasium coment. Why aren’t they used more for out reaches? Invite people in for a “party” where they can see that christians can also have a good time. Here is where I disagree with you. You can get many people in for social event but ask one to come out for a gospel shouting outreach and see what happens. I’ve seen this approach work very well. Funds would be better put to use with community outreach/help programs that show the love of God. Several years ago I tried to establish a community program within the church to reach out to those seeking abortion. I talked to other churches in the town to attempt a coalition. The idea was to counsel with the women and give them another option. Most get an abortion because they see nor are offered another option. The option would be to use funds to help them stay in school through pregnancy (many are high school kids) and assist with preanatal care then to provide daycare for the child withing the church for no cost or little fee. Their are enough busybody women in the church that need something constructive to do to staff a daycare or 4!Then assist them with vocational training and job search. Instead of wanting to adopt this “showing the love of Jesus” attitude in their lives and actually becoming the witness God demands from us they prefer to send billions of dollars to anti-abortion lobbyists in washington to fight against abortion which will NEVER be made illegal and wouldn’t stop abortion if it did and to go stand in front of abortion clinics calling scared confused kids a “murderer”. Yeah way to go people! You should try to remember that Jesus told the crowd that wanted to stone the prostitute.

  3. Well Jim, frustration begets us all and for various reasons. What are we to do? Some of us keep on keepin on while others throw their hands up in that frustration. You know where I am coming from.

    As you also know, where one door is shut another is opened. Your whole discussion is thousands of years old – they experienced the same problems in the first century. Faith or Fear? That may be simplifying the problem. Obviously whatever is not of faith is not of God.

    Fruit producing Christians need only keep attached to the vine and not worry about the other branches. We would all be more effective if we stayed connected ourselves and not get too off track with what the other “branches” are doing or comparing their fruit with our own fruit.

    God will continue to look at our fruit in comparison to His desires and what He has given us in abilities and that is all He expects of us – use our talents and let Him worry about the other branches.

    Having said all that, I still understand, all to well, the money thing. “Glass ceilings” are everywhere – even in the church.

    Keep the faith and give God His time to work in the hearts of not just people, but leaders too. After all, they are mere men as well. God is patient with us far more than we are of ourselves or others.

    God bless your fruit producing activity and heart!

  4. ok, so we know what the priorities are: feed the hungry, cloth the naked, visit the sick…..preach the gospel with worlds and deeds.

    Everyone assumed that I am complaining about the local church but these are problems all over the country.

    If we don’t recognize issues, we won’t overcome them. Sometimes i think we need a twelve step program to overcome religiosity and a customer service class from Chick-fillet!

  5. I just recently returned from the Philippines. It was great working with our brothers and sisters overthere. We helped build a bridge so that many of the villagers could leave their homes and not wade thru the swamps. They really were so grateful and not one of the congregations actually owned a building! Here is America we have a “love affair” with grand and majestic church buildings. Sadly I have learned that most church leaders believe that the building attracts the people. Large building, large crowd. to some extent this is true but unfortunately this crowd is made up of “spectator christians” I use this term because they will show up and expect everything to be done for them. Classes taught to their approval, heating and air just the right temp, sermons over in 25 minutes or less, hurry up and get to the restaurant before all the other churhes get there.
    We can change this but we are going to have to give up our comfort culture!

    God bless,

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