(Why do you do) the things you do?

     What do you want to be when you grow up? A fireman! A policeman! an astronaut! a nurse! a doctor! a lawyer! We all have plans, don’t we?

     How many of you wanted to be… a single parent? divorced? unemployed? bankrupt? Yet, many of us have also claimed these titles.

     so…why do you do the things you do and how do you glorify GOD in them? Is your work honorable, kind, compassionate and worthy? Are you a Christian at the firehouse, the squadroom, the hospital or the bank? Does you light shine as you plumb? Or weld? Or pick veggies or clean houses? Are you the salt of the earth as a lawyer? Are you the bomb as a bus driver?

     And when things get hard…are you a Christian when the bill collector calls? Can you keep your cool when a policeman stops you? When the garbageman turns over your trash in the street?

     Do you minister to your…ex…as Jesus would? What about your probation officer? or if you are in authority, do you minister to those below you? the sick, injured, imprisoned, addicted and down and out?

     Do you show Jesus to the mayor and the butcher? to the taxi driver and airplane pilot? to the sweet young girl at work or the woman with the sailor’s vocabulary?

      Why do you do the things you do? Tell me!


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