Do you like me enough to just hold hands?

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth” Matt. 5:5

     I remember “Robert” and “Martha”. They were an elderly couple that I took care of in the hospital several years ago. Robert was very sick and Martha was at bedside, holding his hand. She had been holding her Prince’s hand for 65 years…every day (literally). They met during the depression, hungry kids on neighboring farms. They married with no possessions except a card table and a mat to sleep on. They held hands. They were unable to have children…so they held hands. They held hands at the grocery store, at the movies, at the frosty cone! They held hands at church and before and after they went to work each day. And, now, as death approached, they held hands.

      I asked her if she needed a break. Maybe a chance to freshen up…shower…change clothes….

      She declined, of course. Who would hold his his hand? And what if he went to heaven without me there to send him off with love?

      Recently, I read a BLOG. It asked if it is ok to kiss on the first date? Better question would be….are you happy just holding hands?


2 responses to “Do you like me enough to just hold hands?

  1. This is a great story of a couple that did not fall prey to the passions of the flesh and have a deep love for one another to show for it. Such simple and pure love is almost unheard of nowadays. In fact, just recently I was surprised to see a newlywed hanging out with her brother the day following her wedding, without her husband. Of course, there could be circumstances which would prevent or delay a honeymoon, but my first reaction was that there was no hurry because the couple had already experienced the honeymoon before the wedding. Meaning, they went beyond just holding hands before they were united under God and His blessing. I wonder, if they had just been holding hands before the wedding, would I have seen her the next day?

  2. I know from experience the disappointment that comes with sex before marriage. My daughter’s mother and I were in a casual, sexual relationship and she became pregnant. We married but didn’t have a honeymoon at all and honestly would have broken up if the pregnancy didn’t occur. Needless to say, the marriage was off to a bad start. I wish (so much) that I had pursued God’s plan of marriage!

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