How about a blind date?

     Would you go on a blind date? Would you let someone set you up? I would love to hear stories of your best and worst blind dates! I’ll share a bit of blind date lore (mine and friends)

     Did you know that Abraham sent his servant to the l land of his family to find a “suitable” wife for his son Issac? He wanted his son to marry a woman who know GOD! A good start!

     Here’s my good, bad and awkward snipets

  • Friend offered to set me up as a “date” with a visiting swimsuit model. I thought it would be lame so I didn’t go…and I didn’t meet Kathy Ireland!
  • Took my buddy’s little sister to a high school dance. Her dad had a shotgun (which he was cleaning) when I picked her up. We behaved!
  • My buddy met a girl through the personal ads. Tall, pretty blonde, professional….didn’t tell him she was 7 months pregnant.
  • Buddy talks alot. A friend set him up with his daughter, who talked so much he couldn’t get a word in…..
  • Buddy went on a date with his friend’s sister. They married the next year and are 25 years and six kids into a great marriage!


Your turn! Keep it nice and funny!!!!!


3 responses to “How about a blind date?

  1. I believe it would depend on who was setting me up on the blind date. If it was someone who had my best interests in mind, I would go through with it. Someone who knew that I wished for a christian man who loves God more than anything.
    In the Bible, people were used an instruments to bring a man and woman together. The Abraham’s servant sought guidance beyond his understanding and had no vested interest other than serve the family.

  2. It would depend on the person who was setting up the blind date. I have been set up before years ago. I was set up by a co-worker with a guy that was not living a Godly life. It did not work out.
    I would go out on a blind date if it was Godly person who knew the importance of finding a christian mate for me and had my best interest at heart. That was not setting me up just because I was lonely at times. I am in a good place in my life.

    • Well, I have never had a blind date, but I think that I would be receptive to the experience if I trusted the person who suggested someone. I think it might be fun.

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