” Celebrating Yet? “

Galatians 3:26- ” you are all sons of god through faith in Christ Jesus. For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ…”

     The theme of the upcoming (Feb. 18-20) Singles Conference in Orlando will be “Celebrating Singleness”. What a concept….and a question. Are you celebrating your standing in the family of God? Do you act like an heir to the kingdom? A prince or a princess? Is everyday a new opportunity? Do you use your untethered moments to glorify God?

      Unfortunately, many singles don’t enjoy their time with Jesus. They are lonely for that human touch. They feel left out. Many in society make you out to be “not complete” if not married (or at least “shacking up”). Where are the grandchildren? Why aren’t you married? Are you picky? Do you even like boys/girls?

       Use your single time. Visit the sick and lonely. Travel. Do a mission trip. Go back to school. Learn to pray and meditate. Seek God first and then….all the things you want will be yours- Matt. 6:33!

Celebrate! Celebrate! dance to the music……….


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