“The Parable of the Possum”

     When confronted with life’s challenges, it is best not to act like a (o)possum…..

      Don’t roll over and play dead…God didn’t make losers or quitters and solutions don’t come from avoidance.

     Beware the traffic….don’t be so busy and distracted that you are run over…….

     Don’t stand on your head…well….because you aren’t good at it!

     Don’t be a rat…you are bigger than that!

     Thanks to Ron for the story about finding a possumm in the garbage can. He tried to rescue it but it hissed at him and tried to bite. So, he pondered the situation and remembered that possums are expert climbers. He placed a tree branch in the can. The next morning the possum was gone.

     God gave us all a brain to use. Think, ponder, meditate and pray. God has solutions…………..


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