” A cloud of Witnesses”

     It was truly wonderful to see each and every one of you at Spiritual Growth Workshop! What a Christian Family. Missed many old friends…you should have been here. It is very refreshing to see the committed focus on outreach and relationship with Jesus. Of course, this is the key to relevance as a church. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick….worship and honor God all your heart, mind and BODY! Good reminders to stop offering lip service and offering ourselves as a living sacrifice!

     The Singles classes were excellent! Thanks to Anthony, Lonnie, and Randy!

     The committee is being formed and preparations begin for the 2011 LAUNCH Singles Weekend in Orlando! Get involved!

     Tell us what you, the Christian single needs.


3 responses to “” A cloud of Witnesses”

  1. Congratulations on a great seminar. I wanted everyone to know that there was a singles oonference in Houston Texas last month. They actually had a speaker who was single and a full time minister. There were about 45 in attendance. It was only promoted as a local event. I think the elders are wanted to expand it next year to a national event.

  2. Let’s do it. We have the need! We had a single minister Saturday night (Randy Harris) and are pursuing Eric Brown for the LAUNCH conference in Feb.

  3. I wanted to let Randy Harris know how much I appreciated his speaking to the singles in Orlando this past weekend. That was a great workshop and I enjoyed the speakers. Randy’s keynote address was great also. He has such an interesting way of keeping your attention.

    I enjoyed his keynote address at Lipscomb last month very much.

    Looking forward to attending these workshops in the future.

    At the end of this post, we are asked how the Christian single can be helped. Events such as the one in Orlando are great. I have been on the Church of Christ Singles website and it is a great site – but there was only one male in my age group on the site from SC. I would like to meet single males who live in my area – any thoughts or suggestions?

    Thank you for this site.

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