Do we pray for one another?

    Pray for one another! I hope you do! Pray for the health of those you love (and those you don’t….) Pray for the health of the friend who is going through treatment for cancer and the friend with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s). Pray for your favorite aunt as she ages…for safety and comfort. Pray for the little country church where the kid’s are fighting to be pure and the neighborhood is changing (and they are happy about it). Pray for the single mom in the transition program, who will soon make a home for her children and …despite the odds and the past….might make it this time. Pray for the recently divorced dad who did everything right and was cast aside by a headstrong wife. Pray for the mission of two Christian ladies who want to make a difference by matchmaking Christian singles. Pray for the man whose daughter died in another country and he can’t even go to the funeral. Pray for the oil spill and the many who are worried and disrupted by it. Pray for our president and our government, that they might seek the favor of GOD! Pray for your minister as he preaches his heart out trying to get us out of the pew and into life! Pray for our marriage and children and every family you know! Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray and thank GOD you are not hungry. Pray and tell HIM how awesome and beautiful HE is and how everything good in your life comes from HIM! Pray!


2 responses to “Do we pray for one another?

  1. We need to pray for each other daily. I am a daily Bible reader and I also have my prayer list written in my Bible so I will be lifting up the souls and circumstances daily. Its a habit that keeps me humble, someone is always going through something.

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