Are you a sheep or goat?

     The 3 parables in Matthew 25 were probably the last 3 parables Jesus taught. and they were taught to DISCIPLES!  Amazing! When Jesus was talking about the dividing of sheep and goats, he was talking about those already in the kingdom! Believers!

    HE tells us to “be prepared” in the 10 virgins!

    HE tells us to use “our gifts”  in the talents!

    And HE tells how to be a goat or sheep! Do you feed the hungry? Do you clothe the naked? Do you visit the sick…the imprisoned…the hurting…the disenfranshised? YES or NO….YES= a sheep…NO= a goat….simple isn’t it?

     Let me tell you about some sheep I hung out with today. We had our Angel Food worker/volunteer appreciation breakfast today. Lots of sheep there! Including one lady, who had to be asked to go home twice because other (young adult) sheep wanted to do yardwork for her! A bunch of sheep so intent on doing what is right that both tasks were taken care of very well!

    Are you a sheep? Lessons offered! Just ask!


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