Life lessons from Paintball and Calico Fort!

*”Do unto others….”- Jameson (our 8 year old),  loves shooting others…but learned that getting shot isn’t as much fun!

*a group of believers (babies to grandparents) can share a fellowship of paintball, then break bread at the dinner table. It doesn’t get much better than this…

*camouflage……they still see you….but it makes me look thinner (lol)

*Arts and Crafts fairs can be good…if not too crowded and having a nice mix of …arts and crafts….music….barbeque…old friends…

*Enjoyed spending time with Jodi and Wei Barr and their girls. Jodi was a missionary in China for 7 years. He shared how “on fire” the people are there for learning and seeking God!

*Alot of kids grow up to look just like their parents did!

*The Ft. Deposit Church is multicultural and growing. I’m proud to see it.

     LAUNCH is here for all of you! A place to vent, trips to do things you haven’t done before….

Riverboat trip in Panama City, May 29!!!!!


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