Why are singles considered second class members of the church?

     This topic popped up on facebook today. So, are singles treated “differently” than married people???

*51% of the population is single.. 4% of church budgets are for singles….

*less than 5% of churches have singles ministries

*there are ZERO paid singles ministers in Churches of Christ in the state of Florida.

*even singles shun the term single and look for alternative tags (read the last BLOG)

*Singles are perceived negatively (read why every church needs a singles ministry).

I have researched single life for MFT studies (Singles in Institutuional Settings: Churches and Hospitals) and know that the unmarried are treated differently.

*Very few church leaders understand and most see singles as “college age”

Solutions are available but take commitment by both singles and church leaders!

What are your thoughts????


2 responses to “Why are singles considered second class members of the church?

  1. Jim,

    You are so right that singles in the church are treated “different” and not always in a good way. I often wondered why this was?

    I am so not surprised by the stats you shared. Its unfortunate too. Singles have the time and willingness to give aid to the church at a moments notice.

    Yet, when singles need to be refreshed where do we go?

    Its a family centered life at church, you sometimes don’t want to come because everything seems geared to toward the family unit. Don’t get me wrong, familes need this. You have all different people in the same family but each are individuals and each needs something a little different from that family-centered teaching to meet their spiritual needs.

    Singles need to hear from our church families on a regular basis; our membership is valued, we are loved, we are needed you, speak from the pulpit to the whole church don’t treat your singles like we don’t belong and tell us we matter.

    We need to feel included not just with single only events but also as church body.

    Isn’t Unity in the Body of Christ what its all about? Lets do it, I am up for the challenge and hope you all are as well.

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