If single, don’t act like you are married….If married, don’t act like you are single!

     I love FACEBOOK but dislike the “in a relationship” status. Everyone from pre-adolescents to seniors feel the need to “upgrade” out of the singles position. Yet, I know many are missing the joy of singleness out of fear of being alone. I certainly did (for years!). All Christians are already in a relationship with Jesus Christ, aren’t we? After that, can’t we enjoy our marital status! I loved my singleness after I learned to like my singleness. It was a time to go back to college, start a ministry, volunteer at camp, go to the beach alone, see the world….. It was easier to visit the sick and help the needy!

     Read 1 Corinthians 7. A couple of times maybe! There are advantages of both marriage and singlesness. And, when you change status, you gain and lose freedoms and opportunity. But, GOD loves you the same regardless.


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