Do you Want Something for Nothing?

     This question was stenciled on the back wall of a Los Angeles Used Tire Store in 1995. It continued, ” GOD gave you life! Let’s use that gift to help those that were born, but are not alive.”

     Do you wonder what the purpose is in a life? Maybe someone is “wasting their potential” (been there, done that). Maybe a toxic love affair with a chemical (cigarettes, alcohol and drugs) or with a person. Are you beat down by life or beat up by others?

      GOD gave you a life to please HIM with! Get out and meet someone! Make a difference. Stand in the gap. Visit an elderly person who is lonely. Mentor a teen. Beautify the park! And, in serving, you will probably find others to share your burden with….

      I SALUTE our Gateway teens who built a serenity garden at the Enon Country Manor after a visit to a Mennonite Family Farm and catching catfish to share for lunch! You are the best!!!!


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