Communication Breakdown!

     Why can’t we communicate better? I mean, he or she is just another human being, right? I can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime about anything but can only have a two minute conversation with my daughter on her 21st birthday……I can talk to University Presidents, doctors and lawyers, those famous and not. I can charm a snake, if necessary. So, why can’t I charm the one I love.

     I think that first and foremost, I am not a good listener…I listen with the expectation of what I want to hear. And, when I don’t hear it…I tune out. And, believe me, I have practiced tuning out…..

    To listen, one must shut the mouth and open the ears. It takes alot of practice. I know my worries are so much more important than what another person may be saying (lol here!) and this hinders my ability to listen.

      After you hear something, clarify what you have just heard. Make sure you have the facts straight. Then answer kindly and compassionately….

      Anyone out there who struggles with communication? Speak now and I promise to listen!!!


3 responses to “Communication Breakdown!

  1. If allowed, a person will talk for several minutes about themselves to someone they meet – then walk away and say that was the most interesting person! “It’s all about me!”

  2. I would welcome suggestions on how to better communicate with a 21-yr old daughter who is away at college & generally only has time for text messages.

    I struggle with “being here now” and listening to the few hurried conversations trying to understand her (she talks so fast) and the memory thing–if I don’t write it down, I don’t remember every detail.

    I get the idea sometimes that she thinks I’m either not smart enough to understand a lot of her studies/activities in music education–I don’t read music–or I just know what her world is all about.

    What happened to the little girl who adored me and for whom I spent countless hours teaching, chaperoning on school trips & serving as Christian camp counselor year after year?

    • Hey! I can relate! My 21 year old is away at Rutgers and the best way to reach her is through text. It’s the 30 and under preferred way to communicate. And I have had to adjust. I’m disappointed that she’s not my little girl anymore also. But, as parents, our “job” is to instill good values so the “apple doesn’t fall FAR from the tree”. Use your text liberally and have her plan fun events that you can share. It’s alot of fun to learn new music, new activities and some of the old that you share!

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