” I Dream of Jeannie” love

Relationships are complicated. We enjoy our friends and family when they are pleasant and co-operative. But, often, they choose to do things their way or don’t enjoy our hobbies or endeavors. Then what? It would be easier if we could put them back in a bottle, like Major Nelson did Jeannie in the TV show (the only problem he had was theat she wouldn’t stay there). Conenient relationships…the modern term is friends with benefits. Friends who do a service or task for us and then go away. Sounds good til you examine it!

What did GOD say about relationships?

  • Proverbs 17:17- a friend loves at all times…..
  • Song of Solomon 5:2- I slept but my heart is awake!
  • Romans 12:18- Live peaceably with all….
  • Ephesians 5:25- Love your wives, as Christ loved the church!

You can’t put others in a bottle and you won’t go if they try to put you there. GOD gave us a variety of colors, personalities, shapes and sizes to enjoy!


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