Domestic Violence….just not right…

     We are going to visit a sister at the hospital who was battered badly by her “fiancee”. This statement doesn’t begin to tell the horror or tragedy of a violent relationship. It is never in our plan to be involved with someone who is violent, nor is it our plan to ever strike out at another. It certainly isn’t God’s plan where a man should love a woman like he loves his own body.

     What do we do about Domestic Violence? If angry, may I suggest God’s words to Cane! Flee from sin! Don’t get yourself so out of control that you might hurt someone. If you are attacked, the same words work! Flee! Be safe!

      What about the well meaning outsiders that say a Christian has to be faithful to a mate in a dangerous situation? My thought would be to offer to trade places and let them live with this tragedy. Be safe!

      As I prepare to teach Domestic Violence to Health Care Professionals (+ HIV update and Medical Errors), I am praying that we can make a difference in our communities. Pray for me also!

     Am also starting a series of inservices on Marriage Enrichment for Health Care Professionals……


2 responses to “Domestic Violence….just not right…

  1. As one who lived in a marriage for 33+ years with a husband who was physically and emotionally abusive off and on over the years, I truely understand what it is all about. On top of that, there was also multiple infidelities. I finally had the strength to leave after a major explosion at which time, I did not know if he would stop the pushing, shoving, shaking, name calling, screaming, etc or if he would go ahead and kill me. It has been 5 years and I am just now beginning to stand tall and move on with my life and enjoy the life that I have. The divorce nearly destroyed my spirit, only God kept me going. I know that God hates divorce and I did not want that. I tried so hard to make it work but I finally accepted that I had done all that I could and now I had to take care of myself. Things are looking up and I am ready to live again. I have three wonderful and supportive children who have kept me going, even when I did not want to live. God has truely blessed me. Thanks for you comments. It has helped me.

  2. Thanks for being strong and sharing! many don’t seek help because they don’t know that they can survive change. God doesn’t want his children to hurt one another and you have suffered much. I’m glad life is on the upswing!

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