Love Dare for friends Day 11-20

Day 11- good friends are hard to find! Don’t let the culture around you dictate who your friends are. Do you enjoy one another’s company, share adventures or compliment one another’s humor, to the betterment of both? Then keep that friend and share the good news as they allow.

Day 12- LOVE lets the other win! My 9 year old daughter is finally interested in learning to play checkers. She asked me ” Dad, when are you going to let me win?” A dilemma! To help her become good at checkers (or any task), I have to challenge her. But, she has to enjoy the experience or she will quit. So, I let her win occasionally. Friendships (all relationships) are the same way. Everyone wants it their way. But, without compromise, their is absence of satisfaction!

Day 13- Play Fair! Don’t take advantage of friends! Accept generosity appropriately. I know a girl who held a grudge against her dad. He felt guilt over divorcing her mother and would take her to eat. She always went for the most expensive thing on the menu, just to hurt him (he struggled financially). Their relationship never healed……

Day 14- Love takes delight!- Do something that you both enjoy doing together. I miss my buddy, Steve! We were a great pair scuba diving! I still enjoy going but never as much as when we went. Spend that special time while you have it!

Day 15- Honor your friend. Give appropriate preferencial treatment.  After all, this is your friend. Story is that 2 mates met Mick Jagger. Mick was courteous and asked who the second guy was. “oh, he’s JUST my friend”. Mick replied, ” He’s a far better guy to talk to than I am if he’s your friend!”

Day 16- Love intercedes. Remember, you can not change your friend. 3 John 2 says, “I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.” You can love your friends, accept them and pray for them. GOD will do what he wants with them.


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