Making Hard Decisions!

    Ah! A day of opportunity! A 2 hour continuing ed. class to complete. A (factfinding) interview for a job I think might be good for me and my family! The last day of ceremonies to honor veterans for their service to us. 5 days til the (early) registration ends and then the late registration process begins. Then………..i think I will take the dog to the beach. …..And the kids and I will watch a kids movie tonight! Mom is working (and is also looking for a better job).

     Every day we face decisions. Prayer is needed to clarify our motives and align our intentions with God’s plan. All the choices are good ones. No evil temptations are visible at this point. If they come to the surface, I am blessed to be where I am in life.

     Prayer is also needed for our sick, for couples struggling with their marriages, and for singles!

     The LAUNCH Singles weekend is approching fast! We are trying to make a difference and help. What can we do better for you?


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