Dealing with difficult people!

    Do any of you have to deal with difficult people? I mean, those that that annoy the daylights out of you! The ones who don’t work or regift your present or criticize all the time…the whiny ones or the arrogant ones… or the wishy- washy. How do we DEAL with them?

     Of course, we have to love them. But, do we have to like them? Sit near them? Feed them? Pray for them?

     Tell me about a difficult person and how you dealt with it!

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2 responses to “Dealing with difficult people!

  1. Just know that their life is already difficult enough because they are angry, feeling guilt, etc. People act that way because they are dealing with issues. Most of the time I feel bad(sorry) for them. I try to be nice even though I do not get it in return. God may be using you as an example, and one day their heart may heal.

    • I whole heartedly agree with Lydia. When dealing with difficult people, I try to remind myself of the examples of Jesus. If He were here and dealing with those types of people, I believe first that He would pray for them and if they were hungry, I believe He would feed them, I believe that He would sit near them and love them and tell them about His Father. We don’t have to like the individuals behavior, but as Christians we do have to be examples of Jesus and His love. Maybe as Lydia said, their hearts may be changed when they see Jesus in us – Hide it under bushel? NO!Let it shine for all to see. John 13:34-35 says
      “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” He never said only the people you get along with, but everyone.

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