How do you feel about a “blind Date”?

      In Genesis 24, Abraham had his chief servant go to a good place and find a nice girl to be a possible wife for his son. Both Issac and Rebecca aproved and a match was made. So…..what about it? Would you let your mom, dad, friend or the butler set you up?

      Those who know me well know my story about the blind date I rejected? And only, my very best friend at the time knows all the details (and he died awhile back). The short story is that I chose not to go on a blind date with Kathy Ireland. Reality is, I would have been one of several guys at them table to provide a buffer from the general public. But, I was arrogant. Too good to serve.

     What if Mom or Dad or Cousin Bill knew the perfect person for you? Would you listen? Or would pride and arrogance get in the way? Beware the messages that the heart gives and heed the head! If the right person comes along, don’t reject just because they aren’t your choice (first).

      Got a good story? A warning? An affirmation? Tell us about it!

      See you next Saturday in Deltona and January in Orlando!


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