Why Every Church Must Minister To Singles Equally

      Read James 1:27 -“Pure religion includes caring for widows and orphans…. and James 2:1-9 which forbids favoritism!

     Hypothetically, I saw a sign on a church building. “Gospel Meeting”. I envision a small number of the church members attending with a paid guest speaker to preach. A good news meeting without guests? Where are the single parents who need ministering to (and their children)? The young widows (we are losing young people, both in the war and in accidents)? Where are the divorced? Forgiveness is part of the Good News, isn’t it? What does the good news offer the never married?

     Here’s the basic facts for those of you who want to take the Gospel to the world (Matthew 28:19)

  • The world is not in the building. It’s in the community.
  • Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and prisoners is always scriptural (and frequently neglected)
  • 50.5% of the US population is unmarried and may singles love Jesus just as much as married people.
  • The average single mother earns less than $15,000 a year and the average child of single mothers has more depression, anxiety, guilt, substance abuse and teenage pregnancy. If you want to “preach” the good news, then “practice” the good news and help!
  • Studies show that 90% of regular churchgoers quit attending church after a divorce. Their kids go with them.
  • Over 50% of church kids quit attending church when they go away to college.

Like Jack Webb said, “just the facts”….here they are? Are we content to be a church for married couples and their children or will we choose to “go to the world (whoever they may be) and preach the gospel”.


    3 responses to “Why Every Church Must Minister To Singles Equally

    1. I hope more leaders in the church could see this and realize that they must do more to help the single members of their congregation.

    2. Tell them to visit the site! Invite me to your congregation for my “Why Every Church Needs a Singles Ministry!”. And, if possible, join us in january as we attempt to make a statement!

    3. I once got an email from a divorced woman who really sumed up the married christians viewpoint. Here is what she said, “I really never knew that singles existed(in the church) until I became “single again” and found myself isolated from the married crowd. Most married people are simply tied up with all the daily tasks of the married life. When you are single you look past your life because you are open to new opportunities that this world has to offer.

      Unfortunately we all tend to associate within our comfort zone.

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