The Story of AMAZING GRACE…and us!

Capt. John Newton was a drunken slavetrader. A man so poorly regarded that his own crew refused to rescue him when he fell off the ship. A man who was flogged publically for his behavior. A captain who was so cruel and careless that his own crew were often without food. Yet, as the years went by, and he faced death at sea, he turned to a sovereign GOD. The words of “Amazing Grace”  fit John Newton….Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me………Romans 3:23 tells us that all have sinned and come short of the glory of GOD. 

     Look in the mirror. Is there a bit of John Newton in you? Were you once lost but now found. Blind but now I see. Other than looking a day older, what do you see this morning?  Is there a glow of Amazing Grace on your face?

      God bless your week! Check out the upcoming events for details of Singles Day at Deltona Church of Christ and ……………check out the Singles Weekend at WDW tab! I hope you are planning to be with us that weekend. It will be a time of FAITH, FRIENDS and FUN!


3 responses to “The Story of AMAZING GRACE…and us!

  1. Amazing Grace, what a great hymn. Someone once said that you know a great accomplishment when it stands the test of time. Such is this great hymn. Hundreds of years old and yet we hear it sung during worship time as well as funerals and even some Hollywood movies.

    Sometimes it takes those rough ocean “sea of waters” to wake us up and to make us navigate our lives in a different direction. I can look back and remember when I set sails in a direction away from God’s love, and right into the storms of life. Then when I realized my mistake, the sailing thru life’s storms became manageable because I no longer was the captain
    who knew all the answers.

    We read in the NT where Christ was never afraid of the storms, he just knew how to quiet them. Such is the story of Amazing Grace!

  2. This hymn Amazing Grace is really an great one for everyone who has given their who self (life, body, soul) to God to do with as it pleases Him.

    This to me is bliss.

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