Thank GOD for Christian Friends!

The East Tenessee Singles Retreat was excellent. Kudos to Amy, Brian and all for their hard work and planning!!

I know that several of you are mourning the loss of loved ones.    Several have health concerns and illness. It’s hard being a single parent. It’s trying as you wait for the person that GOD will provide to come along -or- if content single, sometimes tiring to answer to scutiny from family and friends.

We also have things to share and celebrate! The restoration movement is 200 years old this year! A good thing to reflect upon. We have family triumphs and milestones. GOD is very good to us!

Let’s share our prayer requests this week. Good times, bad times….are for family! And, to quote Sly Stone, “We are family”


2 responses to “Thank GOD for Christian Friends!

  1. Prayers today for Will Sherwood (hip surgery) and for Dr. Chandler (steady hands).

    Prayer for Bob Turner and Sandra Madison as they continue to recover.

    Prayer for Jessica. Her 9th birthday is Saturday. It will be a Hannah Montana theme.

    Prayer for me (Jim) for clarity regarding service to Christians.

  2. I also want to thank all those for their hard work in planning the East Tenesee Singles Retreat. This was my first you in attending and I had a great time.

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