(Belief in God) B.I.G. Heroes

Faith is not believing that GOD will let you have it your way. It is believing that GOD’s way is the right way and responding with action!

By Faith (BIG) Noah heard GOD’s warning and built a boat!

By Faith (BIG) Abraham picked up and moved to a new land!

By Faith (BIG) Joseph accepted his fate and thrived!

By Faith (BIG) my Aunt Rose prays for all of us daily by name!            By Faith (BIG) Bruce Porterfield has glorified GOD as the disease (ALS-Lou Gehrig’s) has stripped him of an athlete’s body and made him dependent on others .                                                                                                                       By Faith (BIG) you take your prayers to GOD and walk with HIM each day.

Tell me your challenges, prayer requests and (BIG) stories as we prepare for a (BIG) Singles Weekend at Disney this Jan.


2 responses to “(Belief in God) B.I.G. Heroes

  1. Please pray for our family. My niece Veora has inoperable tumor on her brain stem and now an infection has taken hold in lungs. She is on her way home to God. Please pray for her Mom Shelia, twin Keora and big sister Mia. We are saddened, she is only 19yrs old. Thank you and God Bless.

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