Balance in Life?

Just a few questions….Why are people more excited about sports than about church?  Is football really a religion?  Why is it easy to say “I love ice cream” and hard to say “I love you”?  Why can’t boys cry occasionally and girls be tough?  Change happens every day, why aren’t we used to it?


3 responses to “Balance in Life?

  1. Spring Break two years ago I went with a team of high schoolers to Mexico on a mission trip. When we came to one family of 6, to build them a house, a 17 year old boy, one of the defensive ends on his high school football team, could not hold back the tears when he saw the conditions the family had been living in. His tears were clearly visible for all to see. He felt no embarrassment. He plans to major in Bible and Spanish so he can be a missionary in Mexico.

  2. The beauty of an impressionable heart. Don’t get me wrong, I love sports. But, I also know the importance of life, the lasting things both on earth and in heaven. Serving ohters is the key to both.

  3. Great topic! It ia an absolute must to live a balanced life. We have to work but not live to work, we have to have money but not controled by it, we have to have good health and take care of God’s temple by not abusing our body with drugs or alcohol, we have to have friends not just to suit our needs but to be there for them also, we have to be a light to this dark world and our light will at times need recharging and that is where a strong faith and reliance on God’s will and his word is so important.

    Seems like the more I live on this earth the more I come to realize is that everybody is searching for something. I think one reason most people talk about sports is that is a diversion from the everyday “hum-drum” of life. It is also a topic for conversation for folks we see occasionally and may not have that much of repor with. Here in Alabama, football is almost a religion. And I must admit I love the fall season, I think the extreme is when it rules your life and you neglect God, family, church, etc.

    So what are you searching for today? What will you do when you find it? What if you never find it? Are you putting everything in your life on hold until ……….

    God bless!

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