Shake up #4- Appreciate Those Who Enter Your Life!

So….who remembers the “generation gap” ? When I was a teenager (say…1975-78), the term generation gap was used when  the younger (under 30- “don’t trust anyone over 30!”) and the middle age had problems communicating (“kids nowadays are no good”- my dad and most of his generation. And, instead of honest effort to communicate, most just took a pass on trying.

Here’s the question? Is there still a distinct generation gap and is it an issue at your church? And, what does scripture tell us as a strategy to cope with it?

I am committed to helping those in the church who want my help. I care deeply about young adults because I know statiscally that about half will drop out of church. I care about single parents who often quit church and keep their children home with them. I care about hose who have never married, whether by their choice or the inability to find a satisfactory mate. And, I understand the pain involved in losing a mate to death, regardless of the age!

Titus 2:1-8 shows what the Father expects of us, an interaction of encouragement, teaching and respect.

Tell me your thoughts and how we can appeal to singles of all ages as we prepare for the upcoming LAUNCH Singles Weekend at Disney!!!


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