SHAKE UP #3- Send those exes back to Texas!

So, what am I talking about? I’m telling you what Paul told the Corinthians I 1 Corinth 7:15 “if the unbeliever leaves, let them go!!!!”

And don’t spend the rest of your life chasing after or feeling guilty about someone who is ruining your life! I’m not telling you to give up on a good man or woman or to force out a questionable one but you don’t have to obligated to some one who is shacked up down the road!  I think the saddest (and most pitiful) country song is “He stopped loving her today”. He loved that sorry girl til HE DIED! No thanks!

So, get the baggage out of your life. Heal. Move on.

Tell me the worst story about a bad ex who wouldn’t let you go (or a story about someone you knew- I’ll tell the first one) Or make comments about my blog 🙂


7 responses to “SHAKE UP #3- Send those exes back to Texas!

  1. Went on a first date with a travel agent I met (1986- anceint history). We met at Shell’s for dinner. After a few minutes, her ex boyfriend (high on something!)came and sat at our table (and ordered a drink). After a few threats, he went out and sat on her car to wait. I had the waiter pull my car to the back door and we left him there. I took her to her mom’s house and dropped her off. Never saw her again. Too much baggage.

  2. I was so “in love” with my most recent ex-boyfriend I could see straight. The more time past the more I realized I was more in love with idea of love than with him. Everything was great about this man except for one major detail: he couldn’t have been that into me if he continued to not worship and obey the God I served. It took some time but I am finally allowing God to heal all the parts of me that relationship touched in my life. I had to make a choice to stay and suffer or leave.
    I choose to leave him and I have had more peace in my life than I have room to hold.

    I pray the same for anyone else who has to make a choice.


    Dee Dee
    Jeremiah 29:11-13

  3. I think we sometimes get ahead of God and then we carefully plan out our life and the relationships we have to fit “our” future plans. I once dated someone who made me feel “out of this world”. She could light up a room when she walked in. We met at church and served in all kinds of ministeries together. We had so many things in common. She loved God and I loved God,I taught Sunday school, visited the sick and preached in the jail ministry, she was well liked by others and I felt like the king of the world when we were together. Then there were these outward forces within our singles group. Other guys (who wanted to date her)were cutting me down behind my back. We didn’t sleep together. We didn’t have fights. A long story made short, she moved on and married shortly after breaking up with me.

    You see just because you have a singles group with lots of people to date doesn’t mean that you will find that special someone. And being active in the church isn’t a way to bargain with God to provide you with someone to marry.

    I wish it could have worked out but there is an ending that only God could have planned. I can’t share that on a public forum but my personal faith has become stronger than ever. Because I learned that no matter who turns their back on you, if the congregation you are attending isn’t meeting your needs or other christians act in a childish way, IT IS YOUR PERSONAL FAITH IN GOD THAT SUSTAINS YOU! Nothing bad that happens to you can ever take that away.

    Let me close by saying I am a strong believer in Singles ministeries, retreats, seminars,ctc But they can never take the place of your personal faith. Follow the will of God in all aspects of your life and this gives you a reason to be active in his body

    God bless

    Phil 4:13

  4. Good comments. Even the best choices will result in your time and focus being “split” btween GOD and family. Paul states as much in 1 Corinthians 7. But, it can be done in a dedicated way. Didn’t Joshua say ” As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD!”

  5. My sister married a guy rather unexpectedly. Later, we found out that he was abusing her. They had a baby girl and she hoped that things would get better but they didn’t. He would call her awful names, tell her she was fat, not worth anything, etc. He wouldn’t let her see her family. At that point, they lived in IL and about 2 hours from us.

    Then they moved to within about 30 min. She said things got better for a while, and then they all went back to the same thing. They almost constantly fought. If she went anywhere without him, he constatly called her on the phone and would ruin her time with us. On my younger sisters bridal party, he kept calling her and telling her she had to be home at 4pm…when she wasn’t, he blew up (with me there). And she told him she was leaving him.

    We got back to my house and he called her on the phone. He said he was sorry and would never do it again and wanted ME to bring her back right then. She told him if he was that sorry, he could come and get her himself…she stayed the night and he came down in a fury the next day after work.

    This went on for months. She would say she was leaving him…and he would say he was sorry. Then one day, she told me it was over. They were getting divorce and to clean out my spare room. After they filed, they decided to try to work things out. However, they did get divorced a few months later, but only because she went to the court house alone to change the date (again) and they told her it had to be then or she would have to refile. So she filed.
    When he found out, he was furious.

    Then she felt guilty because her baby would not have a dad, so she called him and said they needed to work things out. He told her that HE would give HER one more chance…so she better not blow it!!

    At this point, they have been working on things for about 6 months. I don’t see any change in him but she says she does. I am afraid that she is going to get back into a situation that she can’t control and he really does scare me. I know these situations can have a yoyo affect. If anyone has any advice, I would certainly love to hear it!!

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your sister and the heartache your family is enduring thru your sibling’s difficult marriage.

    Your sister needs to leave. The verbal, emotional and physical abuse will only escalate. The only time you really have a chance to feel Godly sorrow for your actions is to allow God to show what that sin your doing looks like to Him. I will lift up a prayer for your sister, her husband and your family.

    If both your sister and her husband don’t take time to learn a different pattern of behavior (in response to their marriage issue) the problems will only get worse.

    Hope this is what your looking for…

    In Christ,

    Dee Dee

    • Dee Dee

      Thanks for the advice. This is the same thing every single person who knows her has told her. But she says she doesn’t want her daughter to grow up in a broken home. I told her that, in essence, if she remarried him and they fought all the time, that Jazmin would grow up ina broken home anyway…only it would be worse because she would have to live with the fighting everyday!

      For an update…they are now all living with me. They haven’t gotten remarried yet. I am stressed out beyond stressed out because of how he is acting all the time. Example:

      I was getting ready for church last Sunday and my sister decided that she would come too (when he is there, she doesn’t normally come). So I got jazmin ready and told her we would be in the car. I waited and waited and finally went back in to see what was holding her up…and they were having a fight. he didn’t want her to come to church. He said by going, that she was putting everyone else ahead of him. And if she went, he was going to leave. At this point, Amanda told him that if he left, not to come back. He decided that he would stay and give HER another chance…ARGH!!

      This whole thing is so absolutely frustrating!!I am going to need a lot of prayers to get me and my family through this I think!!

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