SHAKE UP #2- Don’t be so picky

Socially and eventwise, I mean. Make acquaintances wherever you go! Get to know people for who they are and find the good in everyone. A lady here in P’cola has the sweetest love and concern for a homeless man who hangs around her store. Oh sorry, his name is “Bob”. She sees a sweet, older man who protects her property as he sleeps on the bench at night. And, she discreetly has searched for a better place for him to live. In return, he is a true protector and treats her like a daughter. They found the good in one another!!

Commit to activities! Krissie wants your commitment to the Deltona singles day!  I certainly want it for the conference at Disney. The same with all your brothers and sisters who plan events for you! Don’t wait to see if something better will come up. Commit to your church family early and often. The same with home life. Pick an event and make a big deal out of it…and go. Don’t let being too busy or too tired keep you from enjoying life!

Knew a guy who couldn’t date a girl because she had “ugly feet”. He nissed the “pretty” face, figure and Christian spirit. Focus on the Godly!!!

Share your thoughts and Bible verses that relate!!!!


6 responses to “SHAKE UP #2- Don’t be so picky

  1. I’m committed to the Deltona and Disney events! These things are not required- but it DOES MATTER if you come! Day to day things can easily leave us frazzled and fustrated- but the good work that Krissie and Jim and all of us are putting into all these events helps me to remember to put God first in my life- What a blessing to go and hang out with other like-minded Christians who can encourage me to live my best life in Christ!

    I do hope and expect you all can come to these events! If no one from your congergation wants to come with you, come anyway…. that’s what I did my first time- it’s totally worth it!! If you want details, just ask!

  2. On a side note- sometimes it’s okay to be picky about who we call friends.. but I totally agree with you Jim, we should be out there meeting others and accepting them for who they are- After all Jesus didn’t just hang out with his church buddies. He reached out to good, bad, and the ugly!

    On a lighter note… I think I might be able to handle ugly feet- as long as they don’t stink! haha.. great post Jim!

  3. I love the topic today.

    I joined a group of professionals at work for Toastmaster International, where we work to improve our presentation skills. There is a young woman in the group who works in my unit who was very vocal about her personal life and God. I said to myself no way will we ever be more than co-workers. Now that I have gotten the chance to get to know her through Toastmasters, I see a different side of this young woman ( and she has seen the God in me through a different perspective) I can’t imagine not seeing her face at our weekly meetings. She is bright, quite funny, and very out-spoken. I can tell the difference getting know her has made on me; God was showing me something about that overly-judgemental side that is quite unattractive quality He is trying to work out of me.
    Now that I know better, instead of immediately disliking someone I pray for them and try and treat them as Jesus would. This gives me peace and I get to witness to others not needing to beat them over the head with a Bible. I can then share the Bible later because I will have established a relationship: them knowing me and me know them better.
    I have made it a habit of “taking” Jesus to work with me and talk with Him all day. I greet Him in the morning, eat breakfast, do my job and study with Him. I “delight” in His company so much I know now that the more time you spend in God’s presence, the more He can change you to accept others because they too are His children.

    Psalm 37:3-4
    Dee Dee

    • some of the best friends I have are people I wasn’t interested in meeting………….Funny how GOD allows that to happen!

  4. I want to thank everyone who has organized a conference, singles day or retreat. I now see how much work goes into each event. I have always enjoyed the events that I’ve gone to and now appreciate the hard work even more. The very first singles event that I went to was at central Fl. bible camp. I tried to get a couple of people from my church to go but no one would commit(its a single thing), so I finally deceied to go BY MYSELF. That was the beginning… I made some friends that weekend that will be in my life for eternity. I know I can call on them day or night for prayer request, guidance and support. I can not thank God enough for these people. I also ran into a girl that I had grown up with at CFBC. It was funny how we only saw each other at summer camp and here we were meeting up again at the best Christian camp in the world.
    I say this to tell you the singles events are for Christians to fellowship with others, meet people, make new friends, see old ones and learn something from the bible that might help you in your daily walk with Christ.
    So I agree please commit to the Deltona singles day and the Disney conf. We will have a blast no matter where we are or what we do. I garentee it!!

  5. Krisse, we appeciate you… (at least I do anyway)! You have a beautiful spirit and I’m glad that I to came to a singles event by myself. The friendships I have made continue to bless my life and my walk with God!

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