It’s a long route from desiring a friend/date/spouse (you choose) to having a good friend/date/spouse.  So, for the next few weeks we are going to discuss ways to build relationships using both the Bible and Psychology Today as references (funny that!)

So, #1- Get out of the house!! If you want a social life with a computer, then you can BLOG and FACEBOOK til the cow’s come home. However, at some point you have to get out of the easy chair, get presentable and go do something! Few people actually meet their friends through UPS or PIZZA delivery.  Go volunteer in the community, join a share group at church, go to a parade….anything! But get out!!

Might I suggest checking the UPCOMING EVENTS! Good Friends will be found at the retreats in Tennessee, Deltona and Orlando. I know! I met many there myself!!


One response to “Shakeup#1- GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!

  1. So true Jim! I was one of those who wanted friends but found it hard to just go out and meet people. Believe it or not am I shy. You wouldn’t think so meeting me but if I don’t know you I can be as quite as a tomb.
    Now I get invovled: at church, at work, in the community. Its fun, I meet people, have made friends with lots of different people and I get to be an example for Christ.

    Dee Dee
    Phil 2:13

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